The Spiritual Challenge of Artificial Intelligence, Trans-Humanism, and the Post-Human World

This talk by Kabir Helminski first delivered at the Science and Non-Duality Conference, The Mystery of Being Human, Oct 26th, 2018.   What compels me to speak about the challenge of trans-humanism, artificial intelligence, and the post-human world is our culture’s lack of a metaphysical framework to understand what’s happening. With the disintegration of religious... Continue Reading →

On Mind Control vs. Spiritual Coherence

Has there been a conspiracy to fracture and dissociate our minds? Is there a control system working secretly against our souls? What can we do to restore coherence? Have we lost our connection to the heavens and can classical aesthetics help to restore it?

Holding Two Poles of Reality

By Kabir Helminski Every human being will at one time or another experience great loss, emotional devastation, unforeseen catastrophe. As much as we may plan, there is a greater plan. Though we build defenses, we are defenseless against the unexpected. While the ego endlessly strategizes to maintain an undisturbed state, the ego by its very... Continue Reading →

Graham Hancock: The War on Consciousness

This talk and another by Rupert Sheldrake were banned by the TED staff because its anonymous "scientific" committee made some spurious accusations about their being "unscientific." Obviously, we need a revolution in consciousness for our practical and spiritual survival. While I do not see Ayuhuasca as the likely solution to this problem, we should not... Continue Reading →

Children of the Fifth World

P.M.F. Atwater has done some interesting research into the younger generation. Could we be seeing a significant jump in spiritual evolution? Our tradition, though seven centuries old, is ready for these kids. 1. 2. 3.

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