Mandatory Vaccines?

I was delighted to discover a series of lucid and courageous posts by Carolyn Tyler on Facebook about the current pandemic, vaccinations, and the implications of the crisis. Especially interesting: If you believe vaccines are safe and they are going to save us all, I have 40 questions for you… 🙂


I met Carolyn at the Science and Non-Duality Conference several years ago and she invited me to offer a reading at the intentional community where she lives on Bali:


I am posting this so that if there is any voting choice about whether vaccines should be mandatory or not, those who are entirely pro-vaccine-no-matter-what can pause to consider the rest of us who believe some vaccines should be avoided and we should have freedom of choice…

If you believe vaccines are safe and they are going to save us all, I have 40 questions for you… 🙂

  1. Name 5 vaccine ingredients.
    2. What is MRC-5?
    3. What is WI-38?
    4. What is Glutaraldehyde?
    5. What is the UK Vaccine Damage payment?
    6. What is the 1979 Vaccine Damage Payments Act?
    7. How has the Vaccine schedule changed since 1979?
    8. How much money has been paid out for vaccine damage?
    9. How many doses of how many vaccines are in the schedule between birth and age 18
    10. Do vaccines contain aborted fetal tissue? If so, which vaccines?
    11. Do any vaccines contain dog, monkey, pig, and human DNA?
    12. What is an adjuvant?
    13. What is an antigen?
    14. Which arm of the immune system do vaccines stimulate?
    15. Which arms of the immune system do natural diseases stimulate?
    16. What is transverse myelitis?
    17. What is encephalopathy?
    18. What is the rate of autism in 2019/2020?, what was it in 2000? What was it in 1990?
    19. What is glyphosate and is it in vaccines?
    20. If your child is injured by a vaccine, who will take physical, emotional, and financial responsibility for that injury?
    21. Can you provide an official study that proves vaccines are not carcinogenic?
    22. Can you provide an official study showing vaccinated vs. unvaccinated health outcomes?
    23. Can you show me a safety study proving it is safe to inject multiple vaccines?
    24. What is shedding?
    25. Do vaccines shed? Which vaccines can shed for up anywhere up to 6 weeks?
    26. Which vaccines are live virus vaccines?
    27. What is the VICP in America?
    28. What is SV40?
    29. What is MTHFR (methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase)?
    30. What is an acceptable amount of aluminum to ingest per day and how much is injected via the hep B vaccine on day one of life?
    31. Can someone who was vaccinated for pertussis still spread pertussis after being exposed to it? If so, for how long?
    32. What is the death rate from measles in the UK from 2001-2017? What was the death rate from the MMR vaccine in same time frame?
    33. What does attenuated mean?
    34. Where can you find information about vaccines?
    35. Have you ever been shown a vaccine insert before a vaccine? Have you ever been told of all the side effects listed on that insert?
    36. Can the vial stopper cause an allergic reaction?
    37. Can there be serious reactions to vaccines?
    38. What is Vaccine Injury Uk . Com?
    39. What does the nurse administering the vaccine know about vaccines? Can they answer all of these questions too?
    40. Why do cancer hospitals not allow recently vaccinated visitors?….Why do they not include unvaccinated in the list if the unvaccinated spread the diseases?

😳😱 Have fun, feel righteous, and earn money ratting on your inconsiderate and life-threatening “non-compliant” friends, family, colleagues, and neighbors who deign to flaunt their disobedience by walking their dog, going surfing, having a dinner party, driving without a mask, visiting a park, posting alternative viewpoints,…and, God forbid–going to their offices to work (and doing all of this while coming nowhere near YOU, and posing no “threat” to anyone)…! 😠

Contact Tracing Jobs Opportunity!

We are not “anti-VAXers“ (that’s a derogatory term coined for the same purpose as “Conspiracy Theory“: to deflect the issue and discredit questioners of “authority“). We are pro-choice and anti-mandated-BAD-VAX…


I encourage all who are fearful of Covid-19 to get the vaccine as soon as it is offered, so those who are not fearful can be left to take our chances and develop herd immunity. You would then have nothing to fear from us, since you would be immunized. If there is a referendum to choose between mandatory or voluntary vaccine, PLEASE CHOOSE VOLUNTARY PARTICIPATION IN ANY VACCINE PROGRAM…


Bill Gates on the Coming Vaccine: “You Don’t Have A Choice” –

Wow, in his own words. The agenda is so obvious. He doesn’t even mention natural herd immunity—only that we ALL MUST BE VACCINATED. Humans have been successfully dealing with viruses for millions of years, the natural way, It’s Gaia’s way of reducing HER virus, which is us…😢






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