Questioning the Pandemic Narratives


Why is it that the mainstream media (CNN, MSNBC, ABC, etc.) never questions why the CDC, WHO, Fauci, and Gates have nothing to say about a holistic approach that would strengthen our immune systems?

Why does the mainstream media narrative completely dismiss treatment therapies that have been shown effective. See the Swiss Policy Research website:   “On the Treatment of Covid-19”

Here is an Overview


  1. According to the latest immunological studies, the overall lethality of Covid-19 (IFR) is about 0.1% to 0.3% and thus in the range of a severe influenza (flu).
  2. For people at high risk or high exposure (including health care workers), early or prophylactic treatment is essential to prevent progression of the disease.
  3. In countries like the US, the UK, and also Sweden (without a lockdown), overall mortality since the beginning of the year is in the range of a strong influenza season; in countries like Germany and Switzerland, overall mortality so far is in the range of a mild influenza season.
  4. In most places, the risk of death for the general population of school and working age is in the range of a daily car ride to work. The risk was initially overestimated because many people with only mild or no symptoms were not taken into account.
  5. Up to 80% of all test-positive persons remain symptom-free. Even among 70-79 year olds, about 60% remain symptom-free. About 95% of all people develop at most moderate symptoms.
  6. Up to 60% of all persons may already have a certain cellular background immunity to the new coronavirus due to contact with previous coronaviruses (i.e. cold viruses). The initial assumption that there was no immunity against the new coronavirus was not correct.
  7. The median age of the deceased in most countries (including Italy) is over 80 years (e.g. 86 years in Sweden) and only about 4% of the deceased had no serious preconditions. The age and risk profile of deaths thus essentially corresponds to normal mortality.
  8. In many countries, up to two thirds of all extra deaths occurred in nursing homes, which do not benefit from a general lockdown. Moreover, in many cases it is not clear whether these people really died from Covid-19 or from weeks of extreme stress and isolation.
  9. Up to 30% of all additional deaths may have been caused not by Covid-19, but by the effects of the lockdown, panic and fear. For example, the treatment of heart attacks and strokes decreased by up to 60% because many patients no longer dared to go to hospital.
  10. Even in so-called “Covid-19 deaths” it is often not clear whether they died from or with coronavirus (i.e. from underlying diseases) or if they were counted as “presumed cases” and not tested at all. However, official figures usually do not reflect this distinction.
  11. Many media reports of young and healthy people dying from Covid-19 turned out to be false: many of these young people either did not die from Covid-19, they had already been seriously ill (e.g. from undiagnosed leukaemia), or they were in fact 109 instead of 9 years old. The claimed increase in Kawasaki disease in children also turned out to be exaggerated.
  12. Most Covid-19 symptoms can also be caused by severe influenza (including pneumonia, thrombosis and the temporary loss of the sense of smell), but with severe Covid-19 these symptoms are indeed more frequent and more pronounced.
  13. Strong increases in regional mortality can occur if there is a collapse in the care of the elderly and sick as a result of infection or panic, or if there are additional risk factors such as severe air pollution. Questionable regulations for dealing with the deceased sometimes led to additional bottlenecks in funeral or cremation services.
  14. In countries such as Italy and Spain, and to some extent the UK and the US, hospital overloads due to strong flu waves are not unusual. Moreover, this year up to 15% of health care workers were put into quarantine, even if they developed no symptoms.
  15. The often shown exponential curves of “corona cases” are misleading, as the number of tests also increased exponentially. In most countries, the ratio of positive tests to tests overall (i.e. the positivity rate) remained constant at 5% to 20% or increased only slightly. In many countries, the peak of the spread was already reached well before the lockdown.
  16. Countries without lockdowns, such as Japan, South Korea, Belarus and Sweden, have not experienced a more negative course of events than many other countries. Sweden was even praised by the WHO and now benefits from higher immunity compared to lockdown countries. 75% of Swedish deaths happened in nursing facilities that weren’t protected fast enough.
  17. The fear of a shortage of ventilators was unjustified. According to lung specialists, the invasive ventilation (intubation) of Covid-19 patients, which is partly done out of fear of spreading the virus, is in fact often counterproductive and damaging to the lungs.
  18. Various studies have shown that the main routes of transmission of the virus are neither long-range aerosols (i.e. tiny particles floating in the air) nor smear infections (i.e. on surfaces), but direct contact and droplets produced when talking or coughing. However, in some circumstances, indoor aerosol transmission appears to be possible.
  19. There is still little to no scientific evidence for the effectiveness of cloth face masks in healthy and asymptomatic individuals. Experts warn that such masks may interfere with normal breathing and may become “germ carriers” if used repeatedly.
  20. Many clinics in Europe and the US remained strongly underutilized or almost empty during lockdowns and in some cases had to send staff home. Millions of surgeries and therapies were cancelled, including many cancer screenings and organ transplants.
  21. Several media were caught trying to dramatize the situation in hospitals, sometimes even with manipulative images and videos. In general, the unprofessional reporting of many media maximized fear and panic in the population.
  22. The virus test kits used internationally are prone to errors and can produce false positive and false negative results. Moreover, the official virus test was not clinically validated due to time pressure and may sometimes react positive to other common coronaviruses.
  23. Numerous internationally renowned experts in the fields of virology, immunology and epidemiology consider the measures taken to be counterproductive and recommend rapid natural immunization of the general population and protection of risk groups.
  24. At no time was there a medical reason for the closure of schools, as the risk of disease and transmission in children is extremely low. There is also no medical reason for small classes, masks or ‘social distancing’ rules in schools.
  25. Several medical experts described express coronavirus vaccines as unnecessary or even dangerous. Indeed, the vaccine against the so-called swine flu of 2009, for example, led to cases of severe neurological damage and lawsuits in the millions. In the testing of new coronavirus vaccines, too, serious complications and failures have already been reported.
  26. A global respiratory disease pandemic can indeed extend over several seasons, but many studies of a “second wave” are based on very unrealistic assumptions, such as a constant risk of illness and death across all age groups.
  27. In several places, nurses described an oftentimes fatal medical mis­manage­ment of Covid patients due to questionable financial incentives and inappropriate medical protocols.
  28. The number of people suffering from unemployment, depression and domestic violence as a result of the measures has reached historic record levels. Several experts predict that the measures will claim far more lives than the virus itself. According to the UN 1.6 billion people around the world are at immediate risk of losing their livelihood.
  29. NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden warned that the “corona crisis” may be used for the permanent expansion of global surveillance. In several parts of the world, the population is being monitored by drones and facing serious police overreach during lockdowns.
  30. A 2019 WHO study on measures against pandemic influenza found that from a medical perspective, “contact tracing” is “not recommended in any circumstances”. Nevertheless, contact tracing apps have already become partially mandatory in several countries. In some countries, such “contact tracing” is carried out directly by the secret service.

[This represents my view as of May 25. There are so many unknowns. This is far from over.]

Many people feel that something about this pandemic doesn’t add up. Many are wondering if the virus is as dangerous as it is being portrayed and that people are dying from other causes, especially immune deficiencies, in many cases caused by exposure to the recently rolled out 5G. Some are alarmed about a hidden agenda of control enabled by the complicity of both the mainstream media and social media.

It has been breathtaking to watch Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram censor/remove content that had millions of views almost as fast as the content was posted. Social media is censoring content that challenges the dominant narrative about 5G and the virus. David Icke’s second appearance on LondonReal received several million views in the first day and was then taken down by Facebook without explanation! This led Brian Rose, the host and creator of the program, to ask his listeners for help. Within a week 25,000 people contributed about a million dollars to set up the “Digital Freedom Platform” where voices other than those featured in the mainstream media could share their views without censorship. You can find programs with Robert Kennedy, Jr., Dr. Andrew Kaufman, David Icke, and Dr. Rashid Buttar:


Most recently Dr. Judy Mikovitz, author of Plague of Corruption, contributes to the groundswell of anti-Fauci intel and makes a compelling case for a hidden agenda behind the pandemic: Restoring Faith in Science.

Dr. Rashid Buttar has been one of the most outspoken voices questioning the mainstream narrative about the pandemic. His concern is that the fears being fanned in the “official reality” are leading us toward a mandatory vaccine program, the dangers of which far outweigh the dangers from the pandemic.

Dr. Buttar is further alleging that Dr Fauci, chief spokesman for the Coronavirus Task Force, has been accused of a history of suspicious and dangerous medical research. As recently as 2015 he was involved in a research project that would genetically engineer a more virulent virus than occurs in nature through what is scientifically described as “gain of function.” When during the Obama administration a moratorium was declared on such research, Fauci had the NIH fund $3,700,000 to continue the research in China. A potentially criminal act.

Buttar says that many doctors he knows are saying that the respiratory symptoms of people being hospitalized do not appear viral but could be described as hypoxia, an inability of the lungs to process oxygen. The causes could include air pollution, environmental poisoning, and electromagnetic pollution. There are over 2000 published studies linking electromagnetic micro-wave radiation to many negative consequences, including frequencies of 5G causing changes in cell membranes and affecting calcium channels, leading to a serious deterioration of immune response.

Notice that there were bleeps in Dr. Buttar’s video every time 5G was mentioned. We are seeing a bizarre, widespread, and increasing censorship and de-platforming (by Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc.. ) of people and sites raising questions about vaccinations and 5G! Dr. Buttar believes there is a “massive criminal component” involved in the actual causation through a virulent virus, further amplified in the media to cause fear and panic, leading to a worldwide economic shutdown.

We are interested in a meta-analysis of what is governing the events of our world. More and more we take nothing at face value, especially not the mainstream media which is bought and paid for by six corporations, all tied to the military-industrial-pharmaceutical-fossil fuel complex.

Humanity is increasingly polarized between, on the one hand, people subject to many forms of mind-control through mainstream media, and the influence of various cabals, and, on the other hand, people who are waking up, seeing through the control systems.

Can we try to see where the world is heading, how we might be subject to mind-manipulation? Can we recognize how we are not only losing our freedoms but our humanity as well? Some of the most intelligent and aware people I know believe that we are increasingly facing a choice between a human and a non-human civilization. Will we accept the digital tattoo Bill Gates wants us to have? Will we lose sovereignty over own bodies and have universal forced vaccinations, some of which promise to alter human DNA forever? What will we do when we or our children are left with no choice but to accept being “enhanced” with a chip-implant that connects our mind to the “cloud.”

Most people don’t have the time or inclination to research these matters. Many people just respond with the knee-jerk reaction of accusing others of being “conspiracy theorists” for addressing subjects that are outside the accepted narratives offered by CNN, MSNC, FOX, The New York Times, and Washington Post. I wonder if it is true, as Mark Twain said, “It is easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled!” We are already far down the road to a totalitarian surveillance state and this pandemic may be taking us further. That’s why it’s important to magnify those voices that are at least trying to speak the truth. We should feel more responsibility than ever for our children and future generations.

In trying to fulfill this responsibility, we will continue to post articles and videos that shed light on the crises we are facing. Trust in God, search for Truth.

~Soul in Progress

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