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Latest Update on “Time”
July 26, 2011, 1:16 pm
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More than 20 Months have passed since I wrote the last article on Time, and the Mayan Calendar. We are now, according to Johann Calleman, well into the “Ninth Wave,” the final 10 month phase of the 14 billion year mapping of time. Significant events marked the beginning of this final phase, March 9th: the Japanese Tsunami and Fukushima; the fall of the Egyptian regime; and dramatic events continue to unfold as we approach what Calleman believes is the conclusion of the final cycle, October 28th, 2011 (not December 21, 2012).

We can only prepare ourselves spiritually, act with generosity, kindness, and fearlessness, and witness time unfolding, then we might experience the truth of:

And so, God will preserve them from the woes of that Day, and will bestow on them brightness and joy, and will reward them for all their patience in adversity with a garden and the softness of silk. 76: 11-12

Recently at the Baraka retreat in Santa Barbara we also focused on these lines from the Qur’an:

  • The Garden is brought near for the God-conscious, not far.
  • This is what you are promised, for everyone who reconnects (with God) and protects (their own essence).
  • Who is in awe of the Compassionate in the Unseen and comes with a heart constantly seeking nearness.
  • Enter it in peace–this is the time of abiding.
  • In it is what they will and We have more…
  • Indeed in this is remembrance for one who has a heart, one who listens while witnessing.

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